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1 Pay 0 the first day of classes



1- Pay 0 or the total cost of classes in three (3) equal payments of 7, or the corresponding quantity if you take more than one instrument.

Important notes:
  1. The total cost of the semester must be paid even if you have started late, or have missed classes
  2. All students shall be entitled to three (3) absences per semester. If the student is absent, unjustifiably more than three times, given will be decline in semester
  3. The Academy will be strict with this regulation. There will be no exceptions
  4. Any money of registration or classes is not reimbursed or transferred; either to a semester or one student to another.
  5. In addition to these payments for classes, the student paid $30 for book per semester
  6. Registration will be $50 dollars for the first semester and $35 for the second, third and fourth semester
  7. There will be a surcharge of $20 by not paying fees on time. After a week of delay, the student will not be allowed in classes until it turns a day with the payment fee. 
  8. Share is the total balance, which includes: tuition, book and share classes. Registration and book have to be paid at the beginning of the semester.
  9. It is prohibited to invite friends or relatives to classes, unless the student is 7 years old or younger which requires parent participation.